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For the children, grandchildren, and institutional heirs of these men, this is an embarrassment. According to American cultural norms, women can walk around the office in short skirts while it is unprofessional for men to wear shorts. Frankly, I think the general culture should realize that a lot of this obsession with exposed bodty parts is unhealthy anorexia wasn't an issue 60 years ago when people exposed less AND the Orthodox ought to lighten up about assumptions about others' relgious devotion based on clothing styles. You hate them for enforcing their draconian language laws, but you admire them for resisting the Disneyfication of North America. It is not about concelaing.
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No sex, please, we're ultra-orthodox Jews – and it's just not kosher

Four years ago, he told his parents. What Do The Results Mean? Susan Tumarkin Goodman New York: Pants certainly cover the legs and maintain modesty. Glenn Sujo, Legacies of Silence:
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Judaism and Visual Art - Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Religion

A Jewish Theology of Art. Recognition of the place of Jewish art within the wider gentile history of art was furthered by Aaron Rosen in his book, Imagining Jewish Art: It appears that dress laws of tzniut excuse men from being boors by putting the entire weight of responsibility and blame onto women. And yes, the more skin, the more the thoughts come. The essay uses the findings of this two-pronged enquiry to suggest that Jewish visual art, which is more than art by artists who happen to be Jews, is properly counter-idolatrous art, art that is far from hindered by the Second Commandment but is actively produced by it. Moses Maimonides, Mishneh Torah. I hate with a passion folks wearing pants, shorts hanging off their butts.
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Despite unabated Jewish participation in all the major movements of modern art, the popular assumption that the Second Commandment entailed a blanket ban on art survived well into the second half of the 20th century. All of them have also been altered in later haredi -published editions that replace or simply remove the female figures, or at least their breasts. Can there be conflicting, but parallel and thus equally valid, truths regarding the same subject, especially when it comes to matter of belief or law rather than, say, arithmetic? Mark Rothko disliked being called a Jewish artist, as did Barnett Newman, who strongly objected to his work being marginalized and pigeonholed as Jewish art. Although not exclusively practiced by Jewish artists, their own iconoclastic art is a legacy of the rabbinic aesthetic of distortion and the rabbinic permission to mock idols, and thereby render the political cults for which they are powerful visual propaganda merely laughable or absurd. But, as Shapiro himself makes clear, there is a significant distinction between those who censor the work of other, mostly deceased, authors and those who choose to exercise care, or restraint, in what they themselves write. Rekindling the spark - how older couples can rediscover the
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